Registry in VALENTE PRODUÇÕES and / or participation in the works carried out by the agency presuppose the acceptance of the terms and conditions:

Registry at the agency is not equivalent to any type of contract;

Personal information and photos provided will be processed and will be consulted by our clients for any proposals of work;

Registration may cease at any time provided that either party expresses this desire;

It is advised that entries that are outdated will not be considered for work purposes and will be canceled, losing all the information and photographs;

Valente Produções reserves the right not to accept registrations that do not fulfill the necessary requirements and that do not prove to be in the interest of the company;

If the person who wishes to enroll is a minor, he or she must be accompanied by a parent, guardian or a declaration of authorization to enroll one of these parents;

When registering and / or performing a work, Valente Produções is granted the rights to use the name, image and photographs for advertising, commercial, competitive or editorial purposes, by any existing means or technology, without any restriction of time, mode and place, not claiming now or in the future for this fact;


When you book a job you are informed of the amount to receive;

This amount is represented in an internal voucher of Valente Produções that is delivered at the end of each work and whose presentation is indispensable to receive;

The loss, miss, damage or theft of the tickets equals NO PAYMENT;

The cachets are available for payment 90 days after the end date of the work, and there may be exceptions to the extension of this deadline;

All payments require a previous telephone dialing through the 223 701 664 and / or 917 828 196 available from Monday to Friday between 10h00 am and 12h30 am

Payments can be required 60 days after the date of the work during the period and telephone numbers mentioned above; (exception done to the works of October, November and December by virtue of the closure of accounts)

All invoices – receipts (green receipt – recibo verde – and isolated act – acto isolado) must be issued within the fiscal year in which the work is done. Work billed in years after its implementation is subject to a penalty of 30% in value.

Payments are suspended in the months of January and February as well as July and August;

Pursuant to Article 317 (c) of the Civil Code, “credits for services rendered in the exercise of professional services and for reimbursement of the corresponding expenses” shall expire after two years.

All payments are duly declared to the Portuguese Tax Authority; Each person is responsible for his / her tax situation and shall be informed jointly of the competent entities about the ownership of Invoices-Receipt; Valente Produções is not responsible for any implications;

According to the Portuguese law DL n. 159/99 Art. 1: “Self-employed workers are obliged to carry out a work-related accident insurance that guarantees, with the appropriate adaptations, the benefits defined in Law no. 100/97 of 13 September, for employed persons and their families “.

Valente Produções reserves the right not to pay, if this regulation is not complied with;

Valente Produções reserves the right to change the terms and conditions mentioned above without notice, or prejudice of the parties.