Registration with Valente Produções and participation in any work with us assumes knowledge and acceptance of the following terms and conditions and our Personal Data Protection Policy:

  1. Registration with Valente Produções is not legally equivalent to a work contract;
  2. Registration may cease at any moment provided either party expresses this wish;
  3. All personal data and photographs provided will be processed by computer and are accessible to all Valente Produções employees. These will be made available for viewing to our clients for selection and recruitment purposes;
  4. Please note that data and photographs that become out of date will not be considered for work purposes and will be removed from our database, deleting the data and photographs;
  5. Valente Produções will keep your data for the period of time necessary to provide the service, its billing and compliance with legal obligations. Your data will be kept for a maximum of 5 years from the last service provided, or the date of registration if the person was never selected for a service.
  6. After this time your data will be automatically deleted, requiring a new registration if you want to work with us again.
  7. All your personal data will be kept, according to guarantees of confidentiality and abiding by the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
  8. At any time you have the right to rectify, access, limit, oppose or delete your data. For this purpose, send us a message expressing your desire to the email address or via postage mail to the following address: Avenida da República nº 1651 S/L Esq. 4430-206 Vila Nova de Gaia.
  9. If you consider that the GDPR has been violated, you may complain to a supervisory authority.
  10. Valente Produções reserves the right to not accept registrations that do not meet the necessary requirements and/or do not prove to be in the company’s best interest;
  11. For the purpose of registering a minor with Valente Produções, they must be accompanied by at least one parent or a legal guardian;
  12. Upon registration and/or completion of a service, Valente Produções is entitled to use the name, image and photographs for advertising, commercial, competitive or editorial purposes, by any existing means or technology, without any restriction of time, mode and place, and you agree not to complain now or in the future about this;
  1. When scheduling a service you are informed of the amount of compensation to receive; this value is represented on an internal coupon that is delivered to you at the end of each service and which you must present at time of payment;
  2. Loss, damage or theft of said coupon strips you of the right to payment;
  3. The payments department is available for contact through 223701664 and 917828196 Monday to Friday between 10am and 12:30pm;
  4. Payments are made 60 to 90 days after the date of receipt of the invoice and other documents required for payment, and there may exceptionally be extensions to this time period;
  5. Receipt of documentation for payment purposes is suspended in January, July and August;
  6. All invoices must be issued within the fiscal year in which the service is performed. Services billed in the years after their completion are penalized 30% in value;
  7. According to article 317(c) of the Portuguese Civil Code “claims for services rendered in the exercise of liberal professions and for reimbursement of the corresponding expenses” expire after two years;
  8. All payments are duly declared to the Portuguese Tax Authority and Social Security. Each person is responsible for their tax and contributory situation and should inform the competent authorities about the ownership of receipt invoices. We are not responsible for any implications;
  9. According to law-decree 159/99 article 1: “Self-employed workers must have occupational injury insurance that warrants, with any necessary adaptations, the benefits defined in law 100/97, of 13 September, for employees and their families”;
  10. Valente Produções reserves the right not to make the payment if this regulation is not complied with;

Valente Produções reserves the right to change without notice, or detriment of the parties, the terms and conditions mentioned above.